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Program Vision

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 1.47.16 PMThe objective of the Young Scholars on Turkey Program (YSOT) of SETA Foundation in Washington D.C. is to provide young social scientists with a venue to present their policy relevant, original academic research in the nation’s capital Washington D.C.

The YSOT Program intends to facilitate a dialogue and exchange of ideas between Washington based policy makers, scholars, and young researchers whose research is related to Turkey in various academic institutions and research centers. The program aims to contribute to diversity of voices and analytical perspectives on Turkey related issues in a wide array of disciplines, such as history, political science, international relations, public policy, economics, sociology, and conflict resolution.

YSOT Program will promote and publicize:

·  Collaborative research and policy relevant discussions

·  Up-to-date research of young researchers

·  Fresh and dynamic voices of new generation of scholars on Turkey

·  Academic and policy relevant panels and conferences

·  Networking opportunities with policy makers and the media

·  Academic and policy relevant publications in SETA publications such as policy briefs, policy reports, opinion pieces, and academic articles in the peer-reviewed academic journal, Insight Turkey.

Program Description

Young and promising scholars, Ph.D. candidates or recent Ph.D.’s, will be invited to SETA Foundation’s Washington D.C. office periodically to present their original research in front of an audience with diverse professional and academic backgrounds. Each speaker will submit a brief summary of their research to be published in SETA DC’s website and SETA Foundation’s other publication outlets.

Thematic workshops, conferences and panels will be organized to bring young scholars on Turkey together for brainstorming and exchange of ideas, and to produce a new and vigorous outlook on Turkey.

The YSOT Program will encourage the participating young scholars to contribute to SETA Foundation’s policy oriented publications, SETA Policy Brief, SETA Analiz, and SETA Report, as well as its peer-reviewed, quarterly academic journal Insight Turkey in the forms of commentaries and scholarly articles.

YSOT Conference 2014

YSOT Conference 2013

YSOT Conference 2011