Turkey and the U.S.: The Longest Two Years of the Relations
This paper explores the ups and downs of Turkish-American relations since 2003 and seeks to explain why these last two years have brought serious strain on the Ankara- Washington relationship.
Current State of Syrian Refugees in Turkey
The civil war has driven 6.5 million Syrians from their country; nearly 2 million now reside in Turkey.
Politics and Foreign Policy in Turkey: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
This edited volume is the product of the Young Scholars on Turkey (YSOT) Conference held in Washington, D.C. on February 12, 2014.
Turkey's Syrian Refugees: Toward Integration
The Syrian conflict has produced the most compelling humanitarian challenge of the 21st century.
Srebrenica and the International System
A massacre took place 20 years ago in and around Srebrenica in front of the whole world’s eyes with the Serbian military forces killing 8,000 Bosnian men and raping, torturing thousands of women and children after the U.N. declared the area a ‘safe zone’.
  • epa04814596 A Syrian woman and her child walk  in front of destroyed buildings south of Kobane, Syria, 22 June 2015. Turkey on 22 June opened the border crossing to Tel Abyad, aka Tell Abiad or Tal Abyad, in northern Syria, allowing hundreds of refugees to return home to an area which a Kurdish militia recently seized from the Islamic State group. Idriss Nassan, a senior Kurdish official in northern Syria, confirmed the crossing was open and hundreds of people had passed through. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said more than 1,000 Syrians had returned to Tel Abyad since last week.  EPA/SEDAT SUNA Turkey and the Fight Against ISIS - The fight against ISIS necessitates an agreement between Turkey and the international coalition to counteract ISIS and protect the countries bordering ISIS-controlled areas. With the Read More
  • Davu Turkey’s Future in the Region -   Turkey is today in a very critical location due to multiple, evolving threats on its borders. For years, in the Turkish national education system, Read More
  • 20150710135915_refugees-and-the-world Refugees And The World -   The international community is silently watching the refugee crisis around the world despite its urgent ‘major humanitarian catastrophe’ warning Although the issue of refugees Read More
  • 20150629164030_the-attacks-in-kobani-and-the-fight-against-isis The Attacks in Kobani and The Fight Against ISIS -   Hoping that the PYD will deal with ISIS in the region does not seem to be realistic and, furthermore, could generate further destabilizing ethnic Read More

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