• Syrian Crisis: Can Diplomacy Succeed?

    Ufuk Ulutas, Mark Perry, Mesut Ozcan, and Kilic Kanat discuss the latest developments in the Syrian crisis and the diplomatic efforts. Read More
  • Turkey’s Election Year

    James Jeffrey, Erol Cebeci, and Kadir Ustun discuss the upcoming municipal, presidential, and parliamentary elections that will take place in quick succession in Turkey over the next 15 months. Read More
  • Syrian Refugees in Turkey

    The first Syrian refugees arrived in Turkey on April 29, 2011 and within 24 hours the Turkish government established an emergency tent camp in the Hatay province. Since then Turkey Read More
  • Implications of Turkey's Local Elections

    Turkey's local elections on March 30th resulted in a convincing AK Party victory compared to the last local elections in 2009. The CHP also improved its share of the vote Read More
  • Turkey's 2014 Local Elections

    Local elections on March 30th and the presidential elections scheduled for August 14th will determine the course of Turkish politics in the years ahead. Read More
  • Young Scholars on Turkey (YSOT) Conference 2014 Schedule

    Young Scholars on Turkey Conference February 12, 2014The National Press Club Read More
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Young Scholars on Turkey

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