Syrian Refugees in Turkey

If the international community does not take in additional refugees and provide further funds, Turkey will be stretched thin and the quality of services for Syrian refugees will deteriorate.

Implications of Turkey's Local Elections

Turkey's local elections on March 30th resulted in a convincing AK Party victory compared to the last local elections in 2009.

Turkey’s Election Year

Erol Cebeci and Ambassador James Jeffrey discussed the prospects and implications of Turkey’s election year.

Turkey’s 2014 Local Elections

While no big surprises are expected from the local elections, the perception of success or failure of the ruling party will have an impact on its calculations with respect to the presidential election and the parliamentary election in 2015.

Syrian Crisis: Can Diplomacy Succeed?

Ufuk Ulutas, Mark Perry and Mesut Ozcan discussed the Syrian crisis, the prospects of the diplomatic track, and the role of the US and Turkey.

Syria Diplomacy and the Way Forward

If any future negotiations are to succeed, the international community must be willing to back the talks with a credible use of force.

Young Scholars on Turkey (YSOT) Conference 2014

Annual Young Scholars on Turkey (YSOT) Conference was held on February 12, 2014 at the National Press Club.

Change and Adaptation in Turkish Foreign Policy

As a component of the YSOT program, SETA publishes this edited volume on Turkish foreign policy with articles presented at the YSOT conference.

AK Party-Gulen Split: Political Fallout From Corruption Probe

What should have normally been treated as a judicial case of corruption allegations turned into a major political crisis because of the timing and the way the investigations were carried out.

US and Turkey Diverge on Syria

The US and Turkey have yet to develop a plan to deal with the monumental challenges the Syrian conflict poses to their interests. Finding common ground among regional and global...

Moroccan Foreign Policy Under the Justice and Development Party

In the aftermath of the Arab revolutions, the electoral success of Islamists worried many in non-Islamist circles, partly due to their prediction that the Islamists would seek to alter the long-established, pro-Western foreign policy axes.




Turkey’s Election Year

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